tidbits of product info & care tips to cover all bases !


Handle with care ! 
While most of the ceramics are dishwasher safe (if they're lustre-free)
hand washing is recommended. 

Gold or silver lustre must not be washed with abrasive scourers as it will wear the metallic finish. Avoid contact with any alcoholic-based substances as this will dull the lustre. NEVER microwave ceramics with a metallic lustre... unless you have a fireworks fetish & wish to destroy the metallic finish.  

Be cautious not to place cold food/liquid into a heated vessel, or hot food/liquid into a chilled vessel. Some ceramics may crack due to sudden changes in temperature. 



All timber items are pre-oiled by the craftsman. The utensils can be used for cooking as well as serving. Hand wash in warm soapy water - NEVER soak! Rinse the utensil straight after cooking to help avoid the timber retaining food smells. To remove strong odours & bacteria from utensils or chopping boards, clean with white vinegar (after soapy wash), then rinse & allow to dry thoroughly.  



After framing your hand-painted artwork, it is best displayed away from long-term direct sunlight to preserve colour. If you chose not to frame your purchase, suspend or lay flat to avoid creasing or curling the edges. 


Always store your jewellery in a clutter-free jewellery box or dish if you wish to get a lifetime of wear from your pieces. It is not recommended to go swimming, or to bathe, while wearing handmade jewellery with alternative components such as vintage fibres, timber or gold lustre! 

Earring posts & hooks can be cleaned by wiping with a cotton ball dampened with isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) or hydrogen peroxide. This works fine for silver or surgical steel. 

RUBY PILVEN's porcelain & lustre jewellery needs some extra TLC. Be careful not to knock against a hard surface, or drop on a non-carpeted floor... just like a ceramic cup, they can chip or break.

GOLD LUSTRE - don't use any alcohol-based substances on the gold (or silver) glaze as it will tarnish the finish. Spray your perfume before wearing your jewellery & remove your ring before using hand sanitiser or dipping your finger in a vodka shot! 

TASSEL NECKLACES will preserve their shape if hung or laid flat when not wearing. Gently spruce tassel with your fingertips if needed. 

RESIN jewellery can be cleaned by wiping with a soft damp cloth.

XS - 16.5mm  /  AUS - M  /  US 6
S - 17.3mm  /  AUS - 0  /  US 7
M - 18.2mm  /  AUS - Q  /  US 8
     L - 18.9mm  /  AUS - R ½  /  US 9
    XL - 19.8mm  /  AUS - T ½  /  US 10

The + in the listing drop-down menu indicates a half size up


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